Symbio CS1201 Code ECG Simulator



Symbio 12 Lead Simulator CS1201- NEW CONDITION!

Symbio makes an excellent heart rhythm simulator for ACLS training. Connect the simulator directly to your 12 lead defibrillator/monitor or external pacer to safely simulate all typical cardiac arrhythmia. The CS12 simulates fibrillation, tachycardias, ST segment elevation and others.


  • ECG Waveforms – VF, VT-HI, VT-LO, T de P, AFIB, AFLTR, PSVT, S TACH/anterior ST Depression, NSR, ASYS, SINUS/AMI, SINUS/AMI/PVD, SINUS/antero-spetal ST elevation, 2nd I/lateral ST elevation, S BRDY/inferior ST elevation, S BRDY/inferior ST elevation, S BRDY/IMI, 1st/RBBB, 2nd II/LBBB/PVC, 2n II/LBBB
  • Convert – simulate cardioversion by activating convert feature
  • Defibrillator discharge – indicator illuminates for two seconds when simulator is shocked by a defibrillator set to 50J or more
  • Pacer pulse – paced beat is displayed and indicator blinks off when simulator is paced by an external pacer. Use capture control to vary the pacing capture level
  • Connectors – V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, V6, RA, LA, LL. RL, PADS
  • Battery – powered by four AA alkaline batteries. Low battery indicator illuminates when battery needs to be replaced. Battery saver feature powers off simulator automatically when not in use. Battery life is approximately 15 hours.
  • Three year warranty covers material and workmanship

This unit has this connector:

  • Philips/HeartStart – 008

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