We are located in the Twin Cities-West Metro-Lake Minnetonka region

Our executive team, evolving out of former award winning midwest anesthesia distribution companies, decided to create a new company that challenges our clients to look at business issues in new and meaningful ways. We aim to improve our clients performance through the application of advanced web enabled technologies, specifically tailored to mirror the processes that have made them successful thus far. We do not want to change what you are doing, just maybe the way you are doing it.
We are located in the Twin Cities-West Metro-Lake Minnetonka region, right in the heart of one of the country’s largest healthcare company clusters. Minneapolis/St. Paul and the surrounding area are host to over 3000 medical companies that come from all sectors of the life sciences world, representing medical technology and equipment manufacturers, pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies, health care providers and insurers, agricultural and industrial biotechnology organizations, academic institutions and government entities, and a broad range of service and consulting companies.
Being a product of this environment, we are able to tap into these resources and deliver creative solutions to real problems affecting hospitals, surgery centers, manufacturers, and distributors. Our commercial imperative is simple: We look at what you do well, identify common sense solutions to areas identified as needing improvement, and apply technology to streamline, solve issues, and leverage your company’s commercial impact.