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Simple Admit is an advanced web-enabled solution for secure pre-admissions that enhances quality of care and patient satisfaction.
Facility Benefits:
  • Quality Assurance
    • Accurate, legible standardized, printed records
    • Medical dictionary and databases ensure accuracy of medication spelling/dosages
    • Regulatory agencies favor standardized, electronic processes
    • Automated and customized e-mails with pre-op reminders and post op education
    • Patient's review of facility policies is documented and time stamped
  • Cost effective
    • Patient self completion requires fewer RN hours dedicated to admissions
    • Flexible Staff utilization: Form questions are scripted; any nurse can make calls
  • Simple Integration
    • Questionnaire is customized online for each facility within minutes
    • System is immediately functional after setup
    • Application is hosted and managed by provider, eliminating the need for internal IT support
    • Minimal user training needed
    • Questionnaire content matches forms currently in use, easing the transition to electronic
  • Staff Friendly
    • Improves workflow, simplifies processes, saves time
    • No handwritten documentation
    • Remote access enables nurses to work from anywhere
  • Customized Reporting
    • Electronic archival of patient data within secure, HIPPA-compliant server facility
    • Customized reporting reflecting up-to-date demographics and operations
    • Data reports support strategic planning, marketing, and contract negotiations

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